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August 26th to September 23th

Theme: "A Colorful World and A Shared Future"

As a platform for international cultural exchanges, Beijing Biennale adopts the cooperative mode of the Chinese Curatorial Committee and the international curators. National Art Museum of China. Beijing, China.

August 15 to September 30
Selected Jury For:
The XI Panama National Youth Painting Competition 2019

Ramon H. Almanza has been selected as jury for this prestigious event sponsored by The National Bank of Panama.   As a platform for national artistic development, 

the XI National Youth Art Competition, seeks to showcase the upcoming youth talents in Panama, Ramon H. Almanza has been chosen to be National Jury of this event,  Mr. Almanza was  jury for the National Youth Sculpture Competition in 2018 and 2017.

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March 5- March 30   
French Alliance Cultural Center

Theme: "Francofonia"

An Exhibition to commemorated the 49 years anniversary of the French language month and cultural heritage. French Alliance. Panama, Panama.

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October 27 to November 3   
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Theme: "Reviving Humanity" 2018

Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi inaugurated the Reviving Humanity Memorial, the memorial is a celebration of peace, creativity and development. 72 artist each one created an sculpture to commemorated peace and to represent their country on this world memorial.

June 27 to July 8  
National Art Museum of China

Theme: "Harmonious co-existence" 2018

Exhibition staged at NAMOC displaying Art works of International Artist in the permanent collection of the museum, the selection features master pieces by renown  Artist like Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, David Hockney.  The work from Panamanian Artist Ramon H. Almanza "Karaburan" will be display alongside these master pieces as part of the Permanent Collection.

July 15 to July 31  
Xiaozuo Art Museum 

Theme: "Latin American Art Exhibition" 2018

A Group exhibition for the 5th Latin American Art Residency Program in China, the artist Ramon H. Almanza will participate with 5 works created on this residency program in the Fujian Province in China

May 15 to June 15  
Latin American Art Residency 

Theme: "The 5th Latin American Art Residency" 2018

Ramon H. Almanza has been selected to participate in the 5th Latin American Art Residency in China. The residency will be held at the Xiaozuo Art Museum, the artist will be working inside the Museum exhibition floor on a private studio to engage visitors with the work of the artist.

May 1 to May 15  
China Cultural Palace of Nationalities 

Theme: "Sharing the Beauty" 2018

A major exhibition in China by Ramon H. Almanza as part of the Latin American exchange program, the artist will be presenting 19 Large Format art works at the Palace of Nationalities Museum, the largest art exhibition of Paintings by a Panamanian artist in China. 

January 2018  
Purchase Acquisition

National Art Museum of China

Ramon H. Almanza Painting tittle "Karaburan" has been purchased by the National Art Museum of China to be part of their permanent collection, Mr. Almanza is the first Panamanian artist to receive this great honor by a National art Museum abroad.

September 30 to August 23   
Beijing Biennale 20017 

Theme:"The Silk Road and the Worlds Civilizations" 2018

Ramon H. Almanza has been selected to participate in the Beijing Biennale 2017, his work "Karaburan" ll be part of this wonderful event at the National Art Museum of China.   135 cm x 195 cm, Chinese Ink on Canvas. (2016).