Artist Statement


"Driven by an energetic and expressive imagery, I embrace form to visually represent infinity on the plane,

on these works I search for answers about time and absence.  


Submerge within geometrical abstraction are scenes in which lines, forms and infinity are slipping in and out

of material existence.

With passionate energy I accelerate the relationship between geometry and reason.

I provide an infusion of self-expression, Ideology and multi-cultural iconography to my work, always aim to connect with the viewer and to share a visual interaction from two different points of view.  


Intensity and passion are reflected on my drawings and carvings, always powered by feelings and experiences transforming the elements into a visual and intellectual communication. Sometimes is a desire-driven attempt to represent something of the subject that is well beyond its appearance, Other times, just a deep-rooted lust between the essence, the surface and mi self.

You will find behind the artist a simple soul, a world traveler, a follower of an Art philosophy, a man with  strong attachment to its roots."


Born in Panama in 1966, Almanza attended The University of North Texas School of art (1986 - 1990).  


lives and works between Panama and Miami, Florida,(USA). 

The artist Creates striking artworks with the clever use of lines to display an intriguing visual texture. 


His unique artistic language has developed over the past 25 years, working in the realms of geometry and abstraction, his works create images depicting infinity on the plane.  


Exhibiting in galleries and museums internationally, Ramon Almanza works become his primary medium for self-expression.

Recent Exhibitions

2019- August            "Beijing Biennale 2019"                   National Art Museum of China.             (Beijing, China)

2019- May                “Francofonia”                                    French Alliance Cultural Center.           (Panama, Panama)

2018- November     “Reviving Humanity”                      Sharm el Sheikh.                                      (Egypt)

2018- June                “Harmonious Coexistence”            National Art Museum of China.            (Beijing, China)

2018- April               “Latin American art”                       Xiaozuo Art Museum.                             (Fujian, China)

2018- February        “Sharing the Beauty”                      Museum of the Nationalities.                 (Beijing, China)

2017- November      “Beijing Biennale 2017”                  National Art Museum of China.            (Beijing, China)


2017- National Art Museum of China, (NAMOC)                  (Permanent Collection)

2018- Xiaozuo Art Museum, China.                                         (Permanent Collection) 

2018- Reviving Humanity World Monument, Egypt.           (Permanent Collection)

2018- Ministry of Culture of China.                                         (Permanent Collection)


2019- Selected Jury for the National Youth Painting Competition.        (Panama,Panama)

2018- Selected Jury for the National Youth  Sculpture Competition.      (Panama, Panama)

2017- Selected Jury For the National Youth Sculpture Competition.     (Panama, Panama)


Residencies  / Symposiums

2018- "Latin American Art Residency"                 Xiaozuo Art Museum.                   (Fujian, China)

2018- "International Sculpture Symposium"       Wrold Humanity Monument      (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)