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Ramon H. Almanza's exceptional body of work represents the creation of collective memories. 

Physically and visually encapsulating a broad range of profound allusions to the Geometric Abstract scene, enriched with conceptual flexibility, skills and the realities of this time.  

Fusing art, literature, painting and sculpture, Almanza engages in the complex principals of geometry and abstraction to offer a contemporary connotation on the epics of essence: our feelings, a notion and the universe.                   

His boundless repertoire of imagery is paralleled only by the spans of the infinity palpable on these works. 


Almanza’s output enclose painting, sculpture, installation and an array of works on paper such as drawings, watercolors and photographs. The physical elements of his proceedings; lines on the plane that do not touch one another, provide to the emplacements a universal autonomy of space as symbolically profound as vast-ranging.  By integrating, expanding and regenerating his imagery and technique, he brings to the surface a metaphysical context of self expression and creation.   

Ramon H. Almanza was born in 1966 in Panama City, Panama.       Attended the School of Fine Arts at The University of North Texas.  (1986-1990)

The artist's work has been shown and collected by major museums worldwide, including the following: "Shades of Hope" Exhibited at the Beijing Biennale 2019, “Karaburan,” Exhibited in the Beijing Biennale 2017 and acquired  by National Art Museum of China, Beijing (2017) Permanent Collection; “Mystic Place,” Xiaozuo Art Museum, Quanzhou,China Permanent Collection (2018); “Divided Lands,” Reviving Humanity World Memorial, Sharm El Shaeikh, Egypt (2018); "Secret Message", "Phoenix Flower Blossom" Acquired by the Cultural Ministry of China, Beijing, China (2018).

In recent years, Ramon H. Almanza’s solo exhibitions have included shows in Panama , China , United States, as well as Residency programs and Symposiums abroad.



Ramon H. Almanza / "Hache"

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


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